Over the years, I’ve seen so many instances where PrimaLac helps. It actually does increase the immune response of birds. We’ve seen it for years and now it’s proven. We set up tests with or without PrimaLac in challenged quail, and those that received PrimaLac had zero mortality. I’ve also seen PrimaLac used in birds during periods of stress, like when they move from one facility or another. By giving them the stronger gut protection they didn’t have the performance losses from those stressful periods.

- Lance Minear, Agricultural Consultant

We have been exporting PrimaLac to China for a few years and have found it to be very effective in trials—reducing mortality, improving weight gain and reducing antibiotic use. It has proven to have a good shelf life with no loss of efficacy due to international shipping or exposure. PrimaLac has been tested extensively by the Chinese government and has been proven to contain the organisms claimed. Plus, Star-Labs, and Dr. Mark Young specifically, are very responsive and provide personal service that’s second to none. Mark travels around the world to work with us and our clients. And while they could get involved in a lot of other products, Star-Labs is very focused which means they know the product extremely well and have the expertise and education to back it up.

- Scott Murray, XP Biotics

Over the last 15 years I have been conducting research with graduate students on PrimaLac and have always had positive results. We’ve found it improves energy utilization in feed and we’ve seen more meat being moved off a farm with use of the product. A lot of people think this type of product can’t handle the heat of pelleting, but it is heat tolerant and we have seen firsthand and observed in literature that it does withstand those temperatures.

- Dr. Jesse Grimes, North Carolina State University

I’m an avian physiologist and poultry scientist and a retired tenured professor at North Carolina State University. I started doing research and field projects with PrimaLac about 25 years ago, beginning with the upland game bird industry, specifically Bobwhite quail. During that time the industry was experiencing a difficult time with quail enteritis (QE) which is extremely deadly—sometimes with a  100% mortality—and only a few antibiotics would ameliorate this type of disease. A microbiologist, who had previous positive results in studies with broiler chickens, introduced me to PrimaLac. I conducted a field trial on one poorly managed Bobwhite quail farm in NC, in relation to biosecurity, where QE was a persistent problem. We reduced the mortality and morbidity, increased livability, observed better growth parameters and feathering, and increased immunity (antibody production) in the gastrointestinal tract.

Over the years, I conducted research and field trials with several different species of birds including domestic ducks, other upland game birds such as pheasants, turkeys, and laying hens. Every trial came out positive and we consistently observed better growth factors, livability, feathering, flight ability in pheasants, and an increased immune response; and for the layers, we saw more grade A and AA eggs produced over a one year lay cycle. In short, PrimaLac can enhance the production parameters in game birds and food animal birds, and it has an advantage in animal food production in that it doesn’t have the negative image of antibiotic use.

- Dr. Gary S. Davis, Retired, Professor of Physiology, NC State University Raleigh, NC